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Year : 2007 | Airframe : 7022 TT

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Aircraft Manufacturer Embraer
Aircraft Type Legacy 600
Current Registration TBA
Serial Number 148-TBA
Year of Manufacture 2007
Year of Delivery 2007
Airframe Total Hours* 7022
Airframe Total Cycles* 2521
Certification EASA
Navigation & Compliances RVSM CAT II


Manufacturer Rolls-Royce
Type AE3007A1E
Thrust Level (Lbf) 8’917
#1 Engine Total Hours 6857
#2 Engine Total Hours 7022
Engines Program RRCC(1)

Manufacturer Hamilton Sundstrand T62T 40C14
Type APS500R(2)
APU Total Hours 4979
*as of November 2016
(1) Rolls-Royce Corporate Care
(2) With APU Silencer


Maximum Speed 455 Kts
Engines (x2) RRAE 3007A1E
Long Range Speed 424 Kts Thrust Level
Seats Full Range 3’091 Nm in Pound Force (each) 8’895 Lbf
Take-Off Runway Length 5’551 ft
Consumption (Gallons per Hour) 363 (FAR135) 2’417 ft Passenger Configuration 13 Seats Steep Approach Capable Cabin Volume 1’656 Cu.ft (London City) Yes Luggage Volume 286 Cu.ft Maximum Operating Altitude 41’000 ft


Maximum Take-Off (MTOW) 22’500 49’604
Maximum Landing (MLW) 18’500 40’785
Maximum Zero Fuel (MZFW) 16’000 35’274
Maximum Payload 2’355 5’139
Payload – Full Fuel 684 1’507
Maximum Usable Fuel 8’242 18’170


Simplicity and safety drive the Legacy 600 avionics system. The Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS) and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) with wind-shear detector and escape guidance provide maximum safety against Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) and other air traffic threats.

VNAV is the functionality that provides to the aircraft the ability to fly a vertical navigation. VNAV computes guidance commands for the Autopilot or Flight Director follow the vertical guidance.

The flight profile reflects all speed and altitude restrictions specified in the flight plan while respecting airplane operating limits.

Required Navigation Performance (RNP 0.3) is a key component of next-generation performance-based navigation system. It utilizes global positioning and inertial reference system navigation, allowing aircraft to fly predetermined paths loaded in their flight management computers.

Note: Coupled VNAV, RNP 0.3 and Charts and Maps functionalities are follow-on certification items which may not be available at the delivery.

The reversion capability of the IC’s allows the all-glass, five Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) cockpit to be dispatched with one display inoperative.


Type of Unit Qty Unit Description

Cockpit Equipment Single Honeywell Primus 1000
8” X 7” displays Quintuple 2 PFD, 2MFD, and 1 EICAS
Communication System Dual Integrated VHF/ mode S diversity transponder with 8.33 kHz frequency spacing
Navigation Systems Dual NAV/ADF/DME
EGPWS Single Wind Shear Detector and Escape Guidance
Weather Radar Dual Control Panels and Turbulence Detection TCAS 2000
HF System Single With Second HF
CAT I and CAT II Single Autopilot/flight director
CMU Single With 3rd VHF
ELT Single Emergency Locator Transmitter
CVR Single Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder
FDR Single Solid State Flight Data Recorder
ISIS Single Integrated Stand-by Instruments System
CMC Single Central Maintenance Computer
IRS Dual Inertial Reference System
RMU Dual Radio Management Units



13 Seats Configuration
Length 49’8” ft/in
Height 6’0” ft/in
Width 6’9” ft/in
Volume 1’656 Cu. ft
Bagage volume 240 Cu. ft
Nb of standard baggages 47


The interior arrangement provides accommodation for two pilots and one lf ight observerin the cockpit, and 13 passengers in the cabin.

A forward full service galley and crew lavatory are situated between the cockpit and the cabin.

The cabin is divided into forward, mid and aft compartments and at the rear of the aircraft is a vanity room / lavatory which also provides cabin access to the baggage compartment. (Source: Embraer)



Cabin Description:

13 Passengers Configuration
Forward Lavatory
Flight Attendant Seat with Intercom System
Leg Rests
Provisions for Extended Over-Water Operations
Cockpit jumpseat
Two Bulkhead Mounted Monitors
Two CD/DVD Players
Moving Map – Airshow 4000
Newly installed WiFi system: internet speed – 432kbps, service: Swift Broadband
Water Heater
Airshow 4000 Next-Generation w/multimedia inflight mapping
Dual 15-inch flat-screen monitor
DVD/CD/MP3 multiregion
Dual 18-inch flat LCD displays
Storage: ? In Flight Phone System – ST3100 Iridium
Mid-Cabin Partition Curtain
VIP Panel
Additional VIP Control
Life Raft
AC Power Outlets to all Cabin Zones including a 110 VAC Power Outlet in the Credenza Toe Kick Area
Water Heater System (for Galley and Lav.)
Convection / Microwave Oven

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