2010 Gulfstream G550ER


Year : 2010 | Airframe :  TT 2260 hrs

The Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
is an American wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics. Gulfstream designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and services business jet aircraft.
The company started to develop business aircraft in the late 1950s under Grumman’s era, known hitherto for military aircraft. In 2011, General Dynamics Aviation Services was rebranded as Gulfstream to simplify its brand identity.

Gulfstream’s range consists of the G150, G280, G350, G450, G500, G550, G600, and the ultimates G650/650ER models capable of traveling 7,000/7500 nautical miles (12,960/13.890 km) at Mach .85, and can climb up to 51,000 feet (15,540 m).

Nearly 40 countries operate Gulfstream jets for Government as well as special mission purposes (including astronaut training).

The G550 has a cabin length of 50.10ft (15m); seating is available for
16 passengers. Galley layout and size is suited to individual preference and can be positioned towards the front or the rear of the aircraft. All floor plans are completely flexible.

As of today Gulfstream employs 11,500 people worldwide, and has produced more than 2,000 aircraft since 1958.

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Aircraft Manufacturer                 Gulfstream
Aircraft Type                                 G550
Current Registration                   N-Reg
Year of Manufacture                    2010
Year of Delivery                            2011
Airframe Total Hours*                2’260
Airframe Total Cycles*                638
ADS-B Out,
2020 Compliant
16 Pax Configuration
Aft Gallery
Forward Crew Rest
New Paint – 2017


Manufacturer                                 Honeywell
APU Total Hours*                        2’450
APU Program                               MSP(2)
*as of August 2018
(1) Rolls-Royce Corporate Care Program (B172.009.000)
(2) Honeywell MSP (MSP 440065455)


Manufacturer                                 Rolls-Royce
Type                                                 BR700- 710C4-11
#1 Engine S/N                               15751
#1 Engine Total Hours*               2’251
#1 Engine Total Cycles*               635
#2 Engine S/N                               15752
#2 Engine Total Hours*              2’251
#2 Engine Total Cycles*              635
Engines Program RRCC(1)

Major Inspection Status

Inspection                                     Last Performed          Next Due
12 Month Check                                June 2017                         June 2018
24 Month Check                               June 2017                         June 2019
48 Month Check                               July 2015                          June 2019
96 Month Check                               June 2011                         June 2019


Maximum Speed                                                  508 Kts
Long Range Speed                                               459 Kts
Seats Full Range                                                  6’360 Nm
Take-Off Runway Length                                   5’963 ft
Landing Runway Length (FAR 135)                2’750 ft
Maximum Operating Altitude                          51’000 ft
Service OEI
(One Engine Inoperative)            25’820 ft

                                                                  LBS         KG

Maximum Take-Off (MTOW)                91’000       41’277
Maximum Landing (MLW)                    75’300       34’156
Maximum Usable Fuel                            41’000       18’598
Type of Unit                                        Qty                     Unit Description
Flat Panel Display Units                         Quad                  Honeywell DU-1310
Display Controllers
                                  Dual                   Honeywell DC-884
Display Brightness Panel                        Single                Honeywell DP-884
Visual Guidance System (VGS)             Single                Honeywell/Kollsman
Modular Avionics Units                          Triple                Honeywell MAU-913
Flight Guidance Panel                             Single                Honeywell GP-500
Multifunction Control Display              Triple                 Honeywell MC-850
Air Data Modules                                     Triple                 Honeywell AZ-200
Weather Radar Receiver/                       Single                Honeywell WU-880
Transmitter Antenna
Weather Radar Controllers                    Dual                   Honeywell WC-884
Micro Inertial Reference Units              Triple                Honeywell IR-500 LASEREF V
Modular Radio Cabinets                         Dual                   Honeywell MRC-855A
Audio Panels                                              Triple                Honeywell AV-900
Third Navigation/Communication       Single                Honeywell MT-860
Radio Altimeters                                       Dual                  Honeywell RT-300
Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)               Single               L3
Digital Clocks                                             Dual                 Davtron
Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI)           Single               L3 EBDI-4000
Magnetometer                                           Single               L3
Standby Attitude/Airspeed/                   Single               L3 GH-3100
Altitude Indicator
Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance           Single               L3 RT-951
System (TCAS 2000)
Cursor Control Devices                            Dual                 Mason
Printer (cockpit)                                        Single              Miltope
SATCOM                                                     Single              Honeywell MCS 7000+
SATCOM Antenna                                    Single              Chelton
Call Alerter Switch (ACA)                       Single              AirCell
Axxess Handset Interface (AHI-2)       Single              AirCell
Cabin Telecommunications                   Single              AirCell
Trasceiver ST-4200                                 Single              AirCell
Dual Element Antenna                           Single              Sensor Systems
Iridium-Based Wired Handset             Single              AirCell

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